Alesso Zanetti

Everything I have ever heard about Italian men is pretty much right on base.  They are dark, strong, sensitive, charming, playful, emotional, smart, and oh so very beautiful.  Beautiful to the point of being irresistible.  They have this certain way about them, the way they carry themselves.  Modern terms we call this ‘swagger’ in times of the past we called it ‘style’ and being ‘smooth’.  They exude confidence, arrogance, masculinity, romance, sex, and seduction.  It does not matter if the guy is a young man, middle aged, or in his prime, they still all exude these qualities.  I can not attest to all these qualities but Allesso Zanetti sure is dark, charming, playful, confident, and beautiful.  Alesso is 100% pure Italian ladies and gents and he is the definition of ‘smooth’.  Now do not take my word for it, you will have to see for yourself. 🙂

Alesso Zanetti

I wrote about Alesso Zanetti previously in a post and I deleted it.  I had to, I did not do Alesso any justice with my previous words.  I owed him my most intense effort as this is what he gave during the shoot.  I originally encountered Alesso in ‘cyber space’.  I just happened to be driving thru Augusta, GA on my way to Myrtle Beach, SC when Alesso hit me up on my social app.  I looked at his photos and just shook my head and said to myself “oh my freakin’ word, this young chap is simply beautiful!”  We chatted for a bit and arranged a shoot on my way back through.

Italian men like to flirt and while it comes naturally to them just like it comes naturally for us to all breathe, Alesso did not have to flirt, I had already taken the hook.  His eyes and face had me sold the minute my baby blues laid eyes on him.  His face told a story that I just had to capture so everyone else can appreciate what I was seeing.

Alesso Zanetti

My shoot with Alesso was simply amazing.  We shot around some old areas of Augusta and then at a classic Southern Inn. All very surreal and intense.  Our energy connected the minute we hugged and I started snapping. Gotta love these types of shoots.  As I edited his photos again tonight (I had just had too), I could feel the entire shoot in my cells from a year ago.  The connection was that complete.  Alesso will grace the pages of the next Open Source Men issue.  I also hear that Italian men are unforgettable lovers … well this will just have to be your fantasy!!  Enjoy folks and look into those eyes, deep into those eyes and let your fantasy run…!!!

Cheers — Drew Frederic

1 thought on “Alesso Zanetti

  1. Whoa he’s so handsome! Does he have any social media accounts?


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