Peter Barak

I viewed one of the sickest, illest, dope ass tats on a dude a year ago while I was browsing through my Instagram newsfeed.  The tat stopped me dead in my tracks.  I sent a DM to the dude stating so and the ‘rest is history’!  One never knows what will happen until they give it a shot.  This is exactly what I did.  I had all these artistic ideas just itching to be expressed and seeing Peter and his tat, provided the moment.  Life is not promised each day.  The time was now and I am here.  Life is full of unordinary moments and I took that corner.

Peter Barak entered my life that fateful day and we preceded to collaborate on a shoot that would prove to be beyond incredible.  Peter flew out to Denver after Christmas of last year, 2014 and we drove out to Moab, UT to get some unbelievable shots.  While we were there, spiritual moments entered into the experience and those were indescribable.

We upped the ante pushing some boundaries that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  Peter and I collaborated in snapping some really edgy photographs using leather, crop whip, alcohol, handcuffs, and whatever else we could get our hands on.  Peter had no boundaries which made for some really intense photos.

Peter Barak

Peter will be the Cover Model for Issue 2 of Open Source Men.  It was an easy decision by me to make.  Peter has influenced my photography and creativity to release and explore the edgy, provocative side of my art.  Everybody has a side they keep hidden away.  Then one day, someone crosses your path and you want to just let it all loose.  This is what Peter did for me.  We are currently planning a shoot in San Francisco that will absolutely be over the top.  This means edgier, more intense, more provocative, and letting the artistic sides of ourselves just ooze and flow like a river.

In the mean time, I have posted a few shots on the Open Source Men website that will ‘wet your whistle’.  If they don’t, grab a shot of good Irish Whiskey and then take another look at the photos and see if you view them differently. Stay tuned for Issue 2’s release to view the entire shoot.  Click this link to go to

Cheers — Drew Frederic

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