Scooby Ducati

“Hey Scooby, I am landing”… “Cool Drew, can’t wait to meet you!!  Hey my sister and brother have made a surprise visit for the weekend!  We are still going to shoot, but there will be 4 of us in small apartment.”  I adapt — I’m a Gemini.  There actually was not much to adapt to, I walked through his door after Scooby picked me up at the San Jose Airport and I felt right at home.

His sister and brother drove up from Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX to spend the weekend.  They didn’t know Scooby had a photo shoot and that a crazy ass northern white boy was going to be present as well (me).  Our energy fired and snapped immediately.  ‘Family’ is the word that describes the feeling of how we all felt.  We drank, we ate, they danced and drank while I cooked some sauce from scratch, we stayed up till the wee hours in the morning, hung out, talked and talked, joked around, and yes Scooby and I got some incredible photos in (the main objective of my trip to Monterey, CA).

Scooby Ducati

This was my first ever trip to Monterey and meeting Scooby.  We did most of our shooting off the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Big Sur.  It is majestic country and I have never seen the ocean so rich in hues of blue before in my life.  It was a breathtaking experience for two reasons:  1) the landscape is phenomenal and 2) Scooby is just a fine ass man both inside and out!!  His presence is commanding and soft.  He has one of the sexiest kindest souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing.

Big Sur

Big Sur and Scooby Ducati go hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other.  This is my opinion and I am sticking to it!!  Beautiful scenery and a beautiful man!

You can see a few more photos of Scooby on the Open Source Men website:  He will be featured in the upcoming issue of Open Source Men that will be released in the middle of October.

Cheers — Drew Frederic

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