Jonathan Peeri – Active Duty Man

Saturday, July 4, 2015, iMessage comes thru from a sexy young stud in Israel…”Hey Drew, I’m in Montreal.  Do you still want to photograph me?” Hell yes Jonathan!! …. I’ll be there on Monday!!!  Jonathan and I met online about a year ago this time.  We followed each other on Instagram and friended each other up on FaceBook.  Our chats were mostly about my desire to photograph him and his wanting to show off his body for my lens and ultimately for his fans as well as mine.

Jonathan Peeri

The planets and stars were lining up and bringing us together and I had no idea.  The planet and stars where his Grandmother and Mother.  They decided they wanted to spend two weeks with him in Montreal before he headed off for duty in the Israeli Army.  My thoughts were I would be traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel to photograph this handsome man at some point.  Jonathan had other ideas.  I believe he knew deep down that if I were to travel to Israel, it would be years down the road.  Jonathan was not going to wait that long.  He jumped at the chance to head to Montreal and be closer to my lens.  As soon as I got the message, I was planning.  I packed my bags on the 5th and headed up to Montreal on the 6th with a huge grin on my face and full of energy.

Jonathan is a ‘goof’ ball and a kind hearted spirit.  He loves life and likes to experience all it has to offer.  If you are ever in Tel Aviv, look for a young stud grinding on the stage or hamming’ it up in the streets.  I have no doubt it will be Jonathan … He’s a true lover of the lens and likes to live life with no looking back.

You can see more photos of Jonathan on  He will be featured in a future issue of Open Source Men.  For now enjoy the men of the current issue:

Cheers — Drew Frederic

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