Texas 42

My love for the piney woods of East Texas involves family, food, bbqs, sweltering days, the landscape, and 42.

42 originated in Texas.  It’s a ‘trick-taking’ game a lot like some some card games.  If my knowledge of history is correct, 42 came about because certain religious groups thought card playing was sinful!!!  They didn’t mind folk holding dominoes.

That’s Uncle William’s hand right there.  Taint a bad one either.  He’s a master for sure.  Both at the game and at distraction.  Trash talking at some tables is an integral part of the game to hide the fact “my hand is awful”…

There is nothing like a good hearted competitive game of 42 while mixing in some good pork rinds and rolling laughter!!!

By the way, Uncle William would be lost at 42 if he didn’t have his beautiful wife Aunt Laura keeping him afloat as she is the true master of that team!!

Cheers — Drew Frederic

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