Dionte Nelson

Dionte flew out to Colorado last January and it was my first shoot with my new Graphic Designer:  Sebastian Appleton.  It was also Sebastian’s first ever shoot behind the lens.  It was kind of quirky at first.  For one, I had never worked with another snapper before and I am easily distracted.  Secondly, Sebastian was very raw but a quick learner.  Dionte was a good sport and he patiently let us work through our “let’s work as one” pains.  Within an hour, we did just that and the shoot began to formulate into one incredible shoot. Plus, we had some great laughs watching Sebastian stumble and fall over rocks. 🙂

Dionte worked his ass for my lens.  He shot a total of 10+ hours with me in 2 days.  Exhausted we were after the first day as we shot at sunrise in Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods and then that night at a needle pushing $10 hooker hotel to get an edgy feel.  He got to sleep in the next day as we rounded out the shoot at a very swanky hotel here in Denver.  Dionte is quite the character and came to me with many different colors and some drove me absolutely bonkers!  He was a pro when he needed to be and provided me with some incredible opportunities to snap.

You can see more of Dionte by clicking this link www.opensourcemen.com

Cheers — Drew Frederic

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